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Power Supplies

There are many different types of power supplies that can be used to induce an electric current flow in the Powercore Welding rod. Both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) devises can be used at the same voltage and current flow with no change in weld temperature. The type of power supply depends on the type of weld, and the environment to be welded in.

AC Variable Transformers

For factory environments, variable AC transformers can be used. Variable AC transformers are available in many different voltages, and current ratings. Variable AC transformers can have high voltages, allowing them to do very long welds with a single length of Powercore. High voltage can be dangerous, that is why they are more suited for controlled factory conditions.

AC Transformer

DC Arcwelding Power Supplies

For field welding environments, a DC Arcwelding power supply should be used. Arcwelding power supplies have lower voltages with higher current flow. The lower voltage is safer in wet conditions but limits the length of Powercore that can be welded at one time. To compensate for the shorter length, multiple Powercore Welding Rod's can be welded in parallel because of the high current available. Another advantage for Arcwelding power supplies is they are approved field devices with ground fault protection which are easily accepted on job sites with strict safety regulations.

DC Arcwelding Power Pack
DC Arcwelding Power Pack 0 - 90 amps, 0 - 60 volts, with ground fault protection.

Other Power Supplies

There are many other electrical devices that can be used to supply an electric current. Powercore can be energized with any solid-state controller, or even a battery. Each type of power supply has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation, limitations and cost.

Voltage Controller

Sylvania Solid State Voltage Controller.(must be placed in electrical box) dimension (4x4x3 inches 100x100x75 mm) 0 - 220 VAC, 0 - 25 amps.

Current Measurement

The most convenient way to measure current flow is with a "CLAMP METER". The Clamp Meter clamps over the electrical lead (or the end of the Powercore Rod) to measure current flow with no physical electrical connection.

Clamp Style Current Meter
Clamp Style Current Meter

For easy reference, we have provided all the above information in PDF format for you to download.

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