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What is Powercore? Welding Thermoplastic steam pipes is just one application of the Powercore Welding Rod

Powercore Welding Rod is a thermoplastic welding tool. This innovative Electrofusion System is used for welding thermoplastics including polyethylene, polypropylene, HDPE, PVDF and more.

The Powercore Welding Rod has been designed and manufactured by Powercore International, Ltd. See real-life thermoplastic welding applications where Powercore is used or review the types of thermoplastic welding Powercore is used for.

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  • Thermoplastic Piping - Powercore is used in all types of piping situations.
  • Molding Vacuum molded and injection molded parts can be fused onto, or into, a variety of configurations.
  • Roto Molding Roto-molders have used Powercore to fabricate multiple sized tanks with only two molds.
  • Thin Sheet Plastics see an example of Powercore pre-attached to a thin plastic sheet.
  • Cost Saving Learn about the potential costs savings obtained by using Powercore.
  • The Powercore Welding System has the ability to weld very large objects in the same time it would take to weld small objects potentially saving a tremendous amount of time. more info
  • Powercore welds itself further simplfiying the application process by welding plastic parts automatically. more info


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