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Simple Weld

Step 1:
After electrical connection pins are inserted (see Stripping Overview), the welding area and the Powercore Welding Rod must be wiped clean of any dirt and contaminants. We highly recommend 97% pure isopropyl alcohol, as it is a pure cleaner that leaves no residue. Acitone, Varsol, or other industrial cleaners are NOT recommended.

Remember; plastic can oxidize, as steel can rust. It is also recommended that the area be scuffed with a light sand paper or abrasive cloth to remove this oxidized layer. This will ensure a very strong bond.

Note: Your hands have dirt and oils on them. Touching the Powercore, and weld area after they have been cleaned may re-contaminate.


step 1

Step 2:
Powercore Welding Rod is positioned, and pre-attached to the bottom part.(see Positioning Powercore)

Note: Cleaning Powercore and weld area after it has been attached to part, is recommended and can save time.


step 2

Step 3:
The parts are aligned and clamped together.
(see Clamping Thin Plastics)

step 3

Step 4:
Once positioned and clamped, the electrical leads are connected, and the power supply is turned on for a pre-determined amount of time to allow parts to thermally fuse together.

Note: After the power supply is turned off, the parts should remain clamped together until weld area cools.(1 to 3 minutes depending on thickness).


step 4

A section 0.060" (1.53mm) thick HDPE sheet matirial welded with Powercore Welding Rod
A section 0.060" (1.53mm) thick HDPE sheet matirial welded with Powercore Welding Rod.

For easy reference, we have provided all the above information in PDF format for you to download.

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