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Nominal Diameter is 0.1875 inches (3/16") (4.76mm) +/- 2% Custom diameters and tolerances available on request. 

Wire Types:

Powercore is available in two types of wire.

High Voltage Low Current  ( 7.5 volts/ft 6 amps )

Low Voltage High Current  ( 1.75 volts/ft  22 amps )

Given these voltage and current settings, both wire types have the same heat and welding characteristics as stated in the technical information.

Welding Rods:

HDPE <black) HDPE (black) Pipe & Extrusion Grade
HDPE (natural) HDPE (natural)
Co-Poly Propylene (natrual) Homo-Propylene (natural)
HDPE (natural)

Co-Poly Propylene (natural)

LLDE (natural) LLDPE (natural roto molding grade)

                               Other resins available Kynar, PVDF, UHMWPE

Other Components:

Brass Connector Pins Brass Pin 3/32"

Brass Connector Pins Copper Pin 5/32"

Powercore is manufactured using only virgin high quality resins and uses no re-grind in its manufacturing process. On request, Powercore can be made from your thermoplastic resin to meet your individual welding requirements, and specifications.

Powercore is available in standard lengths of 1000ft. (305m), wound on 10 x 10 x 7 inch (25 x 25 x 18 cm) spools. Total shipping weight 15 pounds (6.8kg). Shorter lengths available on request.

In North America call toll free: 1-888-367-2264

Outside North America call: 1-613-226-3050

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