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Powercore Welding Rod is an " Electro-fusion System" used for joining all types of thermoplastic parts together.

Powercore Weld

Powercore Welding Rod, is a flexible thermoplastic rod approximately 3/16" ( 4.7mm) in diameter with multiple super fine electrical resistance wires wound inside, and can be formed into virtually any shape. The same 3/16" welding rod can fuse thin sheet, thick plate, or any molded part from 1 inch to 60 feet (30mm / 28m) in length in a short period of time. The Powercore Welding Rod becomes an integral part of the weld. The super fine wires remaining in the weld area have been extensively tested, and have no negative effect on the strength or longevity of the weld.

flexible thermoplastic rodflexible thermoplastic rod

Note: The inner base core and the outer coating are made of the same plastic resin.

thermoplastic welding rod

How Does Powercore Work?
Order your Powercore Welding Rod made with the same plastic as the parts to be joined. Then cut to length and form (if applicable). As shown above, the ends of the rod are then stripped away to allow an electrical connection to be made.(see also Stripping Overview) The Powercore Welding Rod is positioned and attached to one of the plastic parts that are to be joined. There are many ways of positioning the rod including hot air gun, spot welding, machined or molded grooves, Thermo-Forming, and mechanical apparatus (see Positioning Powercore). The parts are then aligned and clamped. A variable AC or DC power supply is connected, and a current flows through the Powercore Welding Rod for a pre-determined length of time causing the entire rod to heat up and thermally fuse the parts together .(see Simple Weld)

Precise Welding Temperatures:
The amount of electrical current flowing in the Powercore Weld Rod can be adjusted to achieve precise welding temperatures for different plastics. This temperature can be maintained for a given length of time to allow heat to "soak" into the surrounding material for a perfect bond! (see Current Flow & Time)

Low Power Requirements:
Powercore can achieve most welding temperatures with approximately 6 Amps of current flow. This requires only 7.6 volts to induce 6 Amps in one foot, giving Powercore a very low power consumption of 45 watts/ ft. A standard 220 volt wall circuit can weld 29 ft (8.7 m) all at once!

Unique Features of Powercore:
One of the unique features of Powercore, is the ability to welding very large objects in the same time it would take to weld small objects. For example, if a one foot (0.30 m) sheet weld takes two minutes (as illustrated in Simple Weld). A 29 foot (8.7 m) sheet weld will also take 2 minutes. This is possible because the amount of electrical energy input is increased proportional to the length of the weld. A one foot weld uses 45 Watts. where a 29 foot weld uses 1305 Watts. Therefore the welding time remains the same. Think of it as 29 one foot welds in a row. This feature can save the user a tremendous amount of time.

Cost Saving Applications

For easy reference, we have provided all the above information in PDF format for you to download.

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