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Applications- Welding Thermoplastics

The Powercore plastic welding rod can be used for welding most thermoplastic materials.  The Powercore plastic welding rod can be used for:

  • Welding polyethylene
  • Welding polypropylene
  • Welding HDPE
  • Welding PVDF

Thermoplastic Piping Applications
Powercore is used in all types of thermoplastic piping situations. Powercore can be used for Butt Fusion joints, fabrication of fusion collars, and the application of various types of fittings .

piping applications example

Molding Applications
Vacuum molded and injection molded parts can be fused onto, or into, a variety of configurations. In the case of vacuum forming, the Powercore Welding Rod can be placed on the mold prior to forming. After the forming process, the Powercore Welding Rod will be pre-attached to the part in the optimum welding position. Injection molded parts can be made with a molded groove that the Powercore Welding Rod can snap into.

Injection Molded FittingMolded Electronic Housing sealed with Powercore

Roto-Molding Applications
Roto-molders have used Powercore to fabricate multiple sized tanks with only two molds. By molding an end panel, and a body section, multiple sized tanks can be fused together with Powercore by adding body sections between end panels.

Roto-Molding Applications

Thin Sheet Applications
This example shows Powercore pre-attached to a thin plastic sheet, which is then used to create a protective wrap around Warf Piles.

This Sheet Applications

Cost Saving Applications
When large objects such as storage tanks need to be shipped great distances, the shipping cost can exceed the cost of the tank. By Rotomolding or Vacuum molding two half tanks that can be stacked inside another, many tanks can be shipped in the same amount of space it takes to ship one. The tank can be easily welded together once it reaches its final destination.

Cost Saving Applications

For easy reference, we have provided all the above information in PDF format for you to download.

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